Purewipe® E-Cut Cheesecloth

Cheesecloth products are available in different grades and put-ups for a variety of specialized applications. Made from 100% woven cotton, this cheesecloth is very soft and absorbent. The openness of the weave assures the user that the wiping cloth will not displace the contaminants on the surface, but will clean the surface and make it ready for further applications.

  • Different grades and constructions available
  • Pre-cut, folded 4 ply, 9"
  • 60, 120, 128, or 240 pieces per roll
  • Standard cases contain 10 rolls
E-Cut Cheesecloth Wiper
Style Description Size Pack Qty
588017C Purewipe® E-Cut Cheesecloth 15 in. 10 rolls/case
588017C Purewipe® E-Cut Cheesecloth 24 in. 10 rolls/case