Critical Cover® AlphaGuard® Cleanroom Coveralls

Unique Blend of Strength, Comfort and Protective Qualities – Suitable for Use in Controlled Environments

Features & Benefits: AlphaGuard is the result of leading-edge technologies and brings to market a unique blend of physical properties that provides both the user and your production environment with a comfortable and efficient garment. AlphaGuard is a very breathable and comfortable material for the wearer while providing a high level of filtration efficiency for your environment. A low particle count adds another measure of environmental protection for your processes.

AlphaGuard material is not recommended for use with chemicals. An elastic back gathers the loose material in an effort to eliminate snags while reducing the billowing effect that can release particles into the environment

AlphaGuard Coverall
Style Description Size Pack Qty
Critical Cover AlphaGuard Coveralls White 25/case
Critical Cover AlphaGuard Coveralls Blue, elastic wrist, ankle & back, serged seams 25/case
Critical Cover AlphaGuard Coveralls White, elastic wrist, ankle & back, AquaTrack® boots, serged seams 25/case


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