Kimtech Pure* Sleeve Protectors

The NEW Kimtech Pure* A4 Sleeve Protector helps keep workers and the workplace safe through advanced barrier protection that shields the person and the garment from hazardous chemicals and biologics.

It reduces the risk of exposure and contamination by providing an additional layer of protection between gloves and lab coat sleeves.

The Kimtech Pure* A4 Sleeve Protector is ideal for situations where full coverage isn’t required, but full protection is. Features include:

  • Reinforced Seams
  • An advanced barrier Fabric
  • Two sizes available
  • Thumb Loops
Sleeve Protector
Style Description Size Pack Qty
49815 Kimtech Pure* A4 Cleanroom Apparel Sleeve - Nonsterile Universal - 18" White 4 bags/case, 50 units/bag case total:200
49816 Kimtech Pure* A4 Cleanroom Apparel Sleeve - Nonsterile X-Large 21" 4 bags/case 50 units/bag case total: 200


PropertyTargetTest Method
Bacterial Filtration Efficienty (3.0µ)99.9%ASTMF2101
Trap Tear MD8 lb.INDS IST 100.2
Trap Tear CD11 lb.INDS IST 100.2
Grab Tensile MD29 lb.ASTM D5034
Grab Tensile CD20 lb.ASTM D5034
Lint Generaton (<0.5µm)300/min.Helmke Drum IEST RP-CC003.4
FlammabilityClass 116 CFR 1610
Static Decay (<0.5µm)PassNFPA 99
Hydrostatic Head200 cmH2OAATCC-127
Air Permeability>10 cfmASTM D737
WVTR>100g/m2/24 hr.STM 00204