Reusable Apparel by Vidaro

Vidaro manufactures stock and custom garments in a wide selection of fabrics to aid in the prevention of critical environment worker contamination. Vidaro garments also provide anti-static, chemical and flame resistance properties. Vidaro offers garments made from 100% Polyester, Herringbone, Taffeta, V1-Gard®, B-Fore, Chemstat 929®, Maxima-ESD, Vidaro Grid.

Reusable Apparel by Vidaro
Style Description Size Pack Qty
Polyester --
B-Fore --


B-Fore Fabric Description

  • Content: 99% Polyester, 1% Carbon
  • Finish Width: 60-61"
  • Cuttable Width: 58.75"
  • Weave: Plain
  • Weight: 2.92 osy
  • Stretch warp: 0-4%
  • Fill: 0-4%
  • Ends x Picks/Inch: 168 x 96