Tyvek® Bouffant Caps

  • Elastic headband
  • Excellent barrier to dry particulates including asbestos, lead, dust and more
  • Superior breathability
Tyvek Bouffant Cap
Style Description Size Pack Qty
IC729SWH-OB Bulk Packaged - White 21.5" 250/case
IC729SWH-OC Clean Processed - Individually Packaged - White 21.5" 250/case
IC729SWH-CS Clean & Sterile - White 21.5" 250/case


Typical Values

PropertyTest MethodIC29SWH-OBIC729SWH-OCIC729SWH-CS
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (3.0 micron)ASTM F210199.0% (std dev: 0.5%)98.1% (std dev:1.8%)98.4% (std dev:0.9%)
Basis Weight:ASTM D37761.22 oz/yd2 (std dev: 0.04 oz/yd2)1.33 oz/yd2 (std dev: 0.06 oz/yd2)1.33 oz/yd2 (std dev: 0.06 oz/yd2)
Bust Strength-Mullen:ASTM D77454 psi (std dev: 11 psi)56 psi (std dev: 10 psi)44 psi (std dev: 7 psi)
Breaking Strength - Grab (MD)ASTM D503418 lbf (std dev: 2 lbf)17 lbf (std dev: 3 lbf)14 lbf (std dev: 2 lbf)
Breaking Strength - Grab (CD)ASTM D503423 lbf (std dev: 3lbf)21 lbf (std dev: 3 lbf)20 lbf (std dev: 3 lbf)
Hydrostatic HeadAATCC 12791 cm H2O (std dev: 4 cm H2O)77 cm H2O (std dev:10 cm H2O)74 cm H2O (std dev: 10 cm H2O)
Surface Resistivity (25°C/55%RH)ASTM D257<6.3 x 109 ohms/square1012 ohms/square1012 ohms/square
Wearing Apparel Flammability16 CFR1610Class 1Class 1Class 1
Particle Shedding (Helmke Drum)IEST-RP-CC003.3--Category 1Category 1