Floor Cleaners

CR-2 All Purpose Cleaner

  • Non-toxic, non-caustic, non-flammable, non-explosive, non-hazardous and biodegradable
  • Pre-entry 3 Phase Wipe Downs prior to entering cleanroom including: equipment, tools, workbench and gowning rooms
  • Ultrasonic cleaning of circuit boards, precision valves, components, metal cleaning, tools
CR-2 All Purpose Cleaner
Style Description Size Pack Qty
CR-2 All Purpose Gallon 4/case


Mobile Ion Specificatons

Below are the mobile ion specifications per the product CR-2. The quantitative results are calculated as parts per million relative to the weight of the sample used, for particles 0.3 microns and smaller. Various dilution scenarios are listed as it is customary to dilute CR-2 (with DI water). The "Class 100 Specs" are listed for comparison purposes only.

ParticulateConcentrate1 to 20 Dilution1 to 40 DilutionClass 100 Specs*
Na>2.30 ppm>0.115 ppm>0.058 ppm≥0.500 ppm
K>4.60 ppm>0.230 ppm>0.115 ppm≥0.300 ppm
Mg>0.02 ppm>0.001 ppm>0.001 ppm≥0.100 ppm
Ca>0.30 ppm>0.002 ppm>0.001 ppm≥0.100 ppm
C1->0.10 ppm>0.005 ppm>0.003 ppm≥0.200 ppm
PO4-3>0.50 ppm>0.025 ppm>0.012 ppm≥0.500 ppm
SO4-2>0.70 ppm>0.035 ppm>0.018 ppm≥0.000 ppm
Residue>1.63 ppm>0.082 ppm>0.041 ppm≥5.000 ppm

*From Motorola Chem Spec 11 ATD00901W, Issue M