Floor Cleaners

NovaClean™ & MegaClean™ All Purpose Cleaners

All-purpose cleanroom cleaner filtered to 0.1 microns. Recommended dilutions the formula claims sodium and potassium levels detectable only in parts per billion. Will not generate a static charge and with no residue build up it will not affect the efficiency of conductive flooring. NovaClean Floor Clean is a concentrate which will yield 60-128 gallons of cleaning solution per gallon container. Filtered to 0.1 Microns Low Sodium Bio-degradable Free Rinsing.

NovaClean and MegaClean All Purpose Cleaners
Style Description Size Pack Qty
NC1-Q NovaClean Floor Cleaner 1 Quart 8/case
NC1-G NovaClean Floor Cleaner 1 Gallon 4/case
NC1-5G NovaClean Floor Cleaner 5 Gallon Each
MC1-Q MegaClean 1 Quart 8/case
MC1-G MegaClean 1 Gallon 4/case
MC1-5G MegaClean 5 Gallon Each


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