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Perma Stat Coat 2 Anti-Static Floor Finish

A state of the art floor maintenance finish with inherent static dissipating properties. Specifically formulated for application in computer rooms, electronic assembly areas, telephone substations or any other area where positive elimination of static electricity is a prime consideration. Its unique static dissipating ingredient is actively linked to the chemical structure of the polymer system, increasing resistance to washout or leaching of the static dissipating properties. Easy maintenance, good gloss, and durability are additional assets of this high-tech, anti-static finish.

Perma Stat Coat 2 Anti-Static Floor Finish
Style Description Size Pack Qty
1-27-05 Anti-Static Floor Finish 5 Gallon Each
1-27-04 Anti-Static Floor Finish Gallon 4/case
1-27-55 Anti-Static Floor Finish 55 Gallon Drum Each


  • Nonvolatile Solids: 22±0.6%
  • Total Active: 25%
  • Resistivity -ASTM D257 @40% Relative Humidity: <5 E08
  • Static Dissipation: 0.02 Second
  • pH: 7.4-8.0
  • Gloss 60°: 80+ @ 3 Coats
  • Color: Blue Green
  • Weight Per Gallon: 8.4-8.6
  • Slip Resistance (ASTM): 0.52 minimum
  • Stability: 1 year minimum at room termperature
  • Freeze/Thaw Stability: 3 cycles minimum
  • Drying Time: 1-2 Hours
  • Water Resistance: Good
  • Gallon Coverage (Sq.Ft): 1500-2000
  • Removability (Gardner): 75 cycles maximum
  • VOC Content: 80 grams/liter