Cleanroom Gloves

Kimtech Pure G5 Sterile Latex Gloves

Packaged in a Class 100 Cleanroom. AQL level of 1.5 for pinholesTextured palm & fingers. Beaded cuff, 10" length. Double-bagged with case liner. Recommended for ISO Class 5 or higher cleanroom environments.

Caution: This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions. Certificate of Analysis Chemical Resistance Database

  • ISO 5 (Class 100)
  • Textured palms and finger tips
  • 10" and 12" lengths
  • Beaded cuffs
  • Hand Specific
  • Natural rubber latex for tactile sensitivity & comfort
Kimtech Pure G5 Class 100 Latex Gloves
Style Description Size Pack Qty
G5 Sterile Latex 12" Hand Specific 20 pairs/bag, 10 bags/case


56851HC1160S6.07729020 pairs/bag, 10 bags/case
56852HC1165S6.58330520 pairs/bag, 10 bags/case
56853HC1170S7.08930520 pairs/bag, 10 bags/case
56854HC1175S7.59530520 pairs/bag, 10 bags/case
56855HC1180S8.010230520 pairs/bag, 10 bags/case
56856HC1185S8.510830520 pairs/bag, 10 bags/case
56857HC1190S9.011430520 pairs/bag, 10 bags/case
56850HC1110S10.013030520 pairs/bag, 10 bags/case

*As measured by ASTM D 3577;2.5 AQL1

General Description

Natural rubber latex, powder free, hand specific gloves, textured palm and palm side of fingers, curved finger design, beaded cuff, silicone free, double chlorination

Physical Property

Physical PropertyUnitUpper LimitTest Method (1.5 AQL)
WatertightnessNAPassASTM D 5151
SterilitySAL10-6ANSI/AAMI/ISO 11137


ThicknessNominalNominalTest Method (2.5 AQL)
Middle Finger8.66 mil 0.22 mmASTM D 3577
Palm7.87 mil 0.20 mm ASTM D 3577
Cuff5.51 mil0.14 mmASTM D 3577

1 AQL levels defined according to ISO 2859-1 (current edition) Sampling Procedures for Inspection by Attributes.