Cleanroom Gloves

MicroFlex® CE5-512 Latex Cleanroom Gloves

Hand protection with consistent cleanliness and comprehensive compliance to ASTM and IEST standards to meet the demands of controlled environments.

  • 12" Class 100 (ISO5)
  • Ambidextrous
  • High grade natural rubber latex in compliance with ISO 2004
  • Textured fingers with beaded cuff
Multi-Flex CC100 Latex Cleanroom Gloves
Style Description Size Pack Qty
CE5-512 Latex Ambidextrous 100 pcs/bag, 10 bags/pack 1000 pcs/carton


  • Material: High grade natural rubber latex, in compliance with ISO 2004
  • Protein Level: <50 µg/g (tested in accordance to ASTM D5712, current revision)
  • FTIR: Silicone Oil, Amide, DOP (not detectable)
  • Non-Volatile Residue: Max. 30 mg/g
  • Endotoxin: N/A
  • Surface Resistivity: N/A
  • Static Decay: N/A
Lengthmm (inches)290 (11.4)
Cuff Thicknessmm (mils)0.10 (3.9)
Palm Thicknessmm (mils)0.13 (5.1)
Finger Thicknessmm (mils0.16 (6.3)
Tensile StrenthBefore Aging25
After Aging16
Elasticity/ElongationBefore Aging750
After Aging600
Pinhole Defect Rate*AQL1.5

*Pinhole defect rate is FDA minimum requirement.

Bromide (Br)1.00 µg/cm2
Chloride(CI)2.50 µg/cm2
Fluoride (F)1.00 µg/cm2
Nitrate (NO3)1.30 µg/cm2
Phosphate (PO4)1.00 µg/cm2
Potassium (K)1.00 µg/cm2
Sodium (Na)1.00 µg/cm2
Sulfate (SO4)1.00 µg/cm2