MicroFlex Gloves

Cobalt Powder-Free Nitrile

This soft and stretchy nitrile glove is the best-selling glove from Microflex® brand of products. Durable and puncture resistant with a fully textured surface for enhanced grip. Ideal for jobs requiring exceptional tactile sensitivity.

  • Unique, cobalt blue coloring
  • Consistent product with exceptional fit and feel
MicroFlex Cobalt Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves
Style Description Size Pack Qty
N19 9.5 in. Beaded 100/box, 10 boxes/case


Glove Profile ASTM D 6319Cobalt™
Lengthmm (inches)min. 220 (8.7)240 (9.5)
Cuff Thicknessmm (mils)n/a0.09 (3.5)
Palm Thicknessmm (mils)min. 0.05 (2.0)0.10 (3.9)
Finger Thicknessmm (mils)min. 0.05 (2.0)0.12 (4.7)
Tensile StrengthBefore Agingmin. 1418
After AgingMin. 1414
Elasticity/ElongationBefore Agingmin. 500500
After Agingmin. 400400
Pinhole Defect Rate*(AQL)max. 2.51.5

*Pinhole Defect Rate is FDA minimum requirement.