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RoyalTouch300 Hourglass

RoyalTouch300™ Nitril Exam Gloves are uniquely designed to provide the optimal performance and protection you desire. The glove is made from the strongest film possible with ultimate tactile sensitivity, providing the protection you need to work with confidence. The powder-free nitrile glove is properly contoured and dons easily, delivering unsurpassed strength, chemical resistance and comfort. Truly the Royal Treatment.

  • Revolutionary Design provides optimal performance for protection and comfort.
  • Strongest Film possible with ultimate tactile sensitivity.
RoyalTouch300 Gloves
Style Description Size Pack Qty
RoyalTouch300 Nitrile Exam Gloves 300 Box/3000 Case except #304 which is 250 Box/ 2500/Case


Glove Length:min. 240 mm (9")
Thickness: Cuff: min. 0.04 mm
Palm: min. 0.05 mm
Fingertip: min. 0.06 mm
Tensile Strength: min. 14 MPa
Elongation: 500%
Packaging: 300 Box/3000 Cases except for #304 which is 250 Box/ 2500/Case