Hand Cleaners & Lotions

I.C. Lotion™

  • Static Dissipative helps keep skin moist for better contact between your wrist strap and skin
  • Non-contaminating contains no glycerin, mineral oil, silicones or lanolin
  • Helps to meet requirements for ESD-TR2.20-2000
I.C. Lotion
Style Description Size Pack Qty
ICL-8 I.C. Lotion™ 8 oz. 24/case
ICL-32 I.C. Lotion™ 32 oz. 12/case
ICL-GAL I.C. Lotion™ Gallon 4/case


Physical and Chemical Properties
Boiling Point:100°C/212°F
Freezing Point:26-30°F
Specific Gravity (water=1):098-1.03/25C
Vapor Pressure (mm Hg):N/A
Melting Point:N/A
Vapor Density (Air=1):N/A
Evaporation Rate:N/A
Solubility in Water:Soluble