Mops & Buckets

EasyCurve™ Mopping System

The EasyCurve mop consists of a disposable flat, fabric-laminated mop head attached to a curved, stainless steel frame to provide superior performance, ease of use, and effectiveness compared to any other all-surface cleaning system. An ideal cleaning tool for ceilings, walls and floors, EasyCurve mop heads are available nonsterile and validated sterile. All hardware and mop heads are autoclavable.

The EasyCurve mop head frame attaches to a 60" stainless steel handle. Additional handles are available. The EasyCurve mop uses a separate "sling" style wringer that installs over an autoclavable 5.3 gallon polypropylene.

EasyClean Mopping System
Style Description Size Pack Qty
EZMP0300 EasyCurve mop head w/lift and pull cleaning action N/A 48 mops/case
EZMP0350 EasyCurve mop head, sterile individually bagged (5 case minimum) N/A 48 mops/case
2724 Pivoting mop head frame, stainless steel N/A each
2725E Handle, 60 in., stainless steel N/A each
2743S Twin divided bucket w/sling style wringer, 5.3 gal. N/A each


Technical Data

Mop Head Component Materials (cleaning surface first)Knitted polyester fabric/hydrophilic urethane foam/.014" rigid polyester film
ConstructionMulti-layer; flame bonded/inert, hi-temp adhesive
Chemical CompatibilityRecommended for continuous use in most common disinfectant solutions, when mixed according to manufacturers' directions. Recommended limited use up to one hour in “bleach” solutions over 40,000ppm hypochlorite. Not compatible with acetone and other ketones
Attribute (units)Value**Test Method
Mop weight, dry; (g/mop)52CTM004-03
Sorbency in water
Capacity; (mL/mop)617
Rate; (sec.)<1
Non-volatile residue, NVRCTM005-01
In deionized water; (g/mop)ND
In isopropanol; (g/mop)0.020
Particles ≥0.5µm; (x106/mop)0.22CTM006-01
Fibers >100µm; (x103/mop)0.05CTM006-01