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UltraSpeed Mini

UltraSpeed Mini is the latest addition to the hugely successful UltraSpeed family. Created specifically to fulfill the requirements of all small area cleaning (107-322 sq ft), UltraSpeed Mini combines the ergonomic, performance and hygiene benefits of the existing UltraSpeed range into a small, compact system.

Twice as fast as traditional wet mopping at:

  • Cleaning small areas (215 sq ft)
  • Removing stubborn dirt
  • Drying floors

Suitable for more tasks than traditional wet mopping UltraSpeed Mini allows you to do more than mop including:

  • Walls and tile cleaning
  • Skirting and staircases
  • Safety floors (with SafeMop Pad)


  • 90% PES microfiber for outstanding cleaning performance
  • 10% PA fiber (grey) for stubborn dirt removal
  • Cut off RBGY color coded tags


  • Specially developed for use on rough and safety flooring
  • Extra hard cut pile brush fibers
  • Cut off RBGY color coded tags
UltraSpeed Mini
Style Description Size Pack Qty
138841 UltraSpeed Mini Starter Kit 60.63 in. x 13.78 in. x 12.99 in. 1/case
138844 UltraSpeed Mini Telescopic Handle 32 in. x 56 in. 1/case
137573 UltraSpeed Mini MicroLight Mop Pads 16 in. 3/case
137574 UltraSpeed Mini SafeMop Mop Pads 16 in. 3/case


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