Mops & Buckets

Contec® VertiKlean™ Mopping System

  • Developed for wet cleaning of walls and ceilings in controlled environments
  • Compatible with a wide range of chemicals - ideal for application of disinfectants and cleaning solvents including bleach, phenol, IPA, and quaternary disinfectants
  • Single-use VertiKlean mopheads are made of polyester foam laminated to knitted polyester fabric for high sorbency
VertiKlean Mopping system
Style Description Size Pack Qty
VK-MOP Mop - Small 7 in. x 4.25 in. x 1 in. 48/case
2651A Mop Head Frame - Small 7.5 in. Each
MVK-MOP Mop - Medium 12.75 in. x 4.25 in. x 1 in. 32/case
2652SS Mop Head Frame - Medium 11.5 in. Each
LVK-MOP Mop -Large 15.25 in. x 4.25 in. x 1 in. 32/case
2653A Mop Head Frame - Large 14 in. Each
2643 QuickConnect Handle 50 in. Each


VertiKlean® Mop Heads

Mop head component materials (cleaning surface first)Knitted polyeter fabric/60ppi polyester foamKnitted polyester fabric/60ppi polyester foamKnitted polyester fabric/ 60ppi polyester foam
ConstructionMulti-layer; glame bonded/inert hi-temp adhesivesMulti-layer, flame bonded/ inert hi-temp adhesiveMulti-layer; flame bonded/ inert hi-temp adhesive
Actual Size15L x 4W x 1H inches
38L x 11W x 3H cm
13L x 4W x 1H inches
32L x 11W x 3H cm
8L x 4W x 1H inches
21L x 11W x 3H cm
Mop weight, dry; (g/mop)62 (CTM-004-03)50 (CTM-004-03)30 (CTM-004-03)
Sorbency in water
Wet capacity; (mL/mop)
946 (CTM004-03)802 (CTM004-03)535 (CTM004-03)
Nonvolatile residue, NVRCTM-005-01CTM-005-01CTM-005-01
In deionized water; (g/mop)NDNDND
In isopropanol; (g/mop)0.0150.0310.011
Particles ≥0.5µm; (x106/mop)0.900.800.70
Fibers >100µm; (x103/mop)

**ND= None detected, levels are below detection limit of test equipment.

Max Mop Head Frames

Part No.DescriptionMaterial
2651ARegular VK-Mop & VK-Max head frame, 7.5" x 1.75" x 4.25" / 19 x 4.7 x 11cmType 304 stainless steel; aluminum; Delrin®
2652AMedium VK-Mop & VK-Max head frame, 11.5" x 1.75" x 4.25" / 29 x 4.7 x 11cmType 304 stainless steel; aluminum; Delrin®
2653ALarge VK-Mop & VK-Max head frame, 14" x 1.75" x 4.25" / 35.5 x 4.7 x 11cmType 304 stainless steel; aluminum; Delrin®

QuickConnect™ Mop Handles, Aluminum

Part No.DescriptionMaterial
26422-piece telescoping handle, 16-30 in (41-76 cm)anodized aluminum; Delrin
2643**2-piece telescoping handle, 50-92 in (127-234 cm)anodized aluminum; Delrin
2671A**4-piece telescoping handle, up to 16 ft (4.9 m)anodized aluminum; Delrin

The 2643 & 2671A will now accept the autoclavable plastic head frames (part number’s 2683, 2740 & 2745)