Cleanroom Labels

CT Cleanroom offers UltraTape® Labels for Critical Environments.

Need a printer? The UltraLabel PRO-600 series is a desktop cleanroom label printer designed for critical environment applications. The printer offers enhanced functionality including print resolution of 600 dpi and a user- friendly TFT display. Check it out here.

Style Description Size Material Qty
Asset Tags UltraTape asset tags help identify, control, and track your valuable assets. Asset tags and labels are most commonly made from aluminum foil, particle-free synthetic facestocks, or tamper evident materials, but we are able to customize a tag to meet the needs of your application. Custom*
Barcode Labels UltraTape offers customized barcode labels that meet or exceed the highest industry standards for being scannable. Whether they are for asset management or part labeling, UltraTape can design a solution that meets your needs. Custom*
Booklet Labels Providing government mandated information or instructions in multiple languages on smaller packages can be a challenge. UltraTape offers booklet labels which consist of a customized booklet or pamphlet laminated to a die cut pressure sensitive label. Custom*
Cryogenic Labels UltraTape's unique cryogenic labels are designed for use in below freezing temperatures. These labels have been tested to -196°C (-320°F) and approved for use on glass slides and plastic vials in liquid nitrogen. Custom*
Die Cut Labels UltraTape offers the flexibility to customize labels so that you get the exact size and shape you want. UltraTape provides a wide range of materials and adhesives that can be die-cut into special shapes to meet the needs of your application. Custom*
Direct Thermal Labels UltraTape direct thermal labels are typically used in industrial cleanroom environments as well as hospital labs. These versatile labels can be manufactured to your specifications. Custom*
GHS Labels UltraTape's caution warning labels are manufactured to warn workers of potentially dangerous situations. Because they are often used on machinery, equipment, and tools, they are made of durable materials and high-performance adhesives. Protective lamination is also used to ensure the label will last as long as the machinery. Custom*
Harsh Environment Labels UltraTape's harsh environment labels are designed to provide long-term durability. Custom*
High Temperature Labels Cleanroom cryogenic labels are utilized in markets such as DNA, forensics, drug development, medical testing, and cold storage. Our cold temperature labels have excellent chemical durability when exposed to harsh chemicals such as sulfuric acid solution, sodium hydroxide solution, and mineral spirits. Custom*
Industrial Labels UltraTape industrial labels are designed with high performance applications in mind. Unique label solutions can be customized to meet the parameters of your specific needs. Custom*
Medical Labels UltraTape delivers cleanroom certified labels to the medical and pharmaceutical industries. The company uses high-performance materials to manufacture tape and label products for bags, vials, syringes, bottles, tubes, and equipment. Custom*
Pharmaceutical Labels UltraTape offers customized pharmaceutical labels for use in pharmaceutical laboratories, product packaging, and clinical environments. Our team can design and produce a label that meets even the most stringent requirements. Custom*
Security Labels UltraTape offers a variety of security labels that indicate when tampering has occurred. These labels can be used for a number of applications, including prohibiting calibration or quality control labels from being removed from equipment. Custom*
Track & Trace Labels UltraTape offers a variety of customized track and trace label solutions. Our labels can help you precisely monitor your products throughout your supply chain. Our track and trace label products are compatible with our UltraLabel PRO 600 high resolution barcode printer. Custom*
Write & Seal Labels UltraTape manufactures self-laminating write-and-seal labels for applications where hand-written information needs to be protected after being entered in the field or after service operations. Custom*

*CT Cleanroom will contact you regarding your application to discuss the appropriate material.


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