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Micronova® Cleanroom Tape

Vinyl tape specially processed for applications in and around the cleanroom. Extremely conformable which makes it ideal for taping, sealing curved and irregular surfaces. Matte finish which can be written on with cleanroom pen. The synthetic rubber adhesive ensures a clean peel from wafer cartridges and cleanroom work surfaces.

Micronova Cleanroom Tape
Style Colors Size Pack Qty
CR100PC Each


Ingredients:Vinyl Backing (51-99% wt), Rubber Adhesive (1-48% wt), Bis (2-Ethylhexyl) Phthalate (10-30% wt)
Specific Physical Form:Roll of tape
Odor, Color, Grade:Various colored vinyl tape
General Physical Form:Solid
Health Effects:No health effects expected for eyes, skin, ingestion or inhalation
Personal Protective Equipment:None required
Hazardous Decomposition:Under recommended usage conditions, hazardous decomposition products are not expected. Hazardous decomposition products may occur as a result of oxidation, heating, or reaction with another material.