Contec CONSTIX™ Sealed Foam

CONSTIX sealed foam Swab

Contec's CONSTIX Sealed Foam swabs offer a variety of foam swab applicators, swabs and cleaning tools to support numerous industrial and manufacturing swab sampling applications. Precision manufactured at Contec.

CONSTIX SF Series sealed foam swabs have 100 PPI reticulated polyurethane open cell foam heads which promotes wicking and particle entrapment. These sealed foam swabs are ideal for applying lubricants and removing excess materials. Compatible with Isopropyl Alcohol. Laundered and double bagged for critical applications. Samples of our foam swabs are available upon request.


  • For general applications
  • Ideal for cleaning with solvents such as Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Applying lubricants and removing excess materials
  • Cleaning recessed and hard to reach surfaces
Style Description Size Pack Qty
SF-1 Round foam head, polypro handle Head width: 0.8 in.,
Total Length 5 in.
50/bag, 10 bags/case
SF-2 Foam head, polypro handle Head width: 0.62 in. x 0.9 in.,
Total Length 5 in.
50/bag, 10 bags/case
SF-12 Foam head, polypro handle Head width: 0.16 in. x 0.4 in.,
Total Length 2.8 in.
500/bag, 1 bag/case
SF-13 Pointed foam tip, glass/nylon handle Head width: 0.03 in.,
Total Length 3.2 in.
500/bag, 1 bag/case


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