Coventry/Chemtronics Wrapped Polyester

Sealed Polyester Swab

Engineered for unique applications requiring a combination of high solvent retention with the cleanliness of Class 10 (ISO Class 4) processed polyester. Seamless design is lint free. High-strength, adhesive-free swab, durable head construction.

Pillow-Tip™ Swabs Cleanroom washed fabric formed into a unique solvent-retaining swab.

Pillow-tip swabs offer cotton bud characteristics without the fibers, lint and contamination of cotton. Glass filled nylon handles are rigid like wooden handles but are cleanroom grade. Aqua-Prime™ process available on all wrapped polyester swabs.

Style Description Size Pack Qty
51121 Glass filled nylon handle Head width: 0.23 in.,
Total Length 2.8 in.
25/bag, 20 bags/case
52121 Glass filled nylon handle Head width: 0.24 in.,
Total Length 6.3 in.
25/bag, 15 bags/case


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