Hardwood/Puritan PurSwab Specialty & Chemical Resistant

Hardwood/Puritan PurSwab Microfiber Swabs

Specifically designed for use around liquids. We offer both chemical-resistant swabs which will stand up to most solvents — plus super-absorbent swabs for easy clean-up of small amounts of liquid.

Style Description Size Pack Qty
1876-PF-CR Polypro Handle, Chemical Resistant Tip Dia.: 0.188 in.,
Total Length 6 in.
50/bag, 20 bags/case
1905-PF-RECT Polypro Handle, Rect. Tip Tip Dia.: 0.687 in.,
Total Length 5 in.
50/bag, 20 bags/case
1906-PFB Polystyrene Handle Tip Dia.: 0.1888 in.,
Total Length 6 in.
250/bag, 4 bags/case


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