Texwipe Absorbond®

Texwipe Absorbond Series Swab

Absorbond® series swabs are double-layered, hydroentangled, continuous-filament polyester heads that are thermally molded onto polypropylene handles using no adhesives. The long filaments reduce risk of fiber release and the hydroentanglement process reduces nonvolatile residue (NVR) to extremely low levels. The perimeter edges are heat-sealed to prevent fiber release. These swabs are excellent chemical resistance; can be used with a wide range of solvents.

Style Description Size Pack Qty
TX762 Absorbond Swab with long handle Head width: .276 in.,
Total Length 6.390 in.
100/bag, 10 bags/case
TX759B Micro Absorbond Swab Head width: 0.118 in. x 0.5 in.,
Total Length 2.756 in.
500/bag, 5 bags/case


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