Amplitude™ Prozorb® Wipe

This spunlaced wipe consists of cellulose and polyester produced through a special process that creates apertures in the fabric while enhancing the thickness and provides excellent cleanliness. The resulting wipe has a textured surface that promotes cleaning, particle removal, and excellent sorbency.

  • Textured surface promotes effective cleaning and particle removal
  • Low levels of particles and extractables
  • Highly sorbent
  • Strong and durable
  • Recommended for use in ISO Class 5 cleanroom applications.
Contec Amplitude Prozorb Wipes
Style Description Size Pack Qty
PZ-44 Amplitude Prozorb 4 in. x 4 in. (10cm x 10cm) 800 wipes/bag; 12 bags/case
PZ-99 Amplitude Prozorb 9 in. x 9 in. (23cm x 23cm) 200 wipes/bag; 12 bags/case
PZ-1212 Amplitude Prozorb 12 in. x 12 in. (30cm x 30cm) 100 wipes/bag; 18 bags/case


Technical Data

Wipe materialCellulose/polyester aperatured
Wipe constructionHydroentangled
Attribute; (units)Value**Test Method
Basis weight; (g/m2)55Contect Method
Sorbency in water
Intrinsic; (mL/g)
6.7IEST-RP-CC004.3, Sec. 8.1
Extrinsic; (mL/m2)
367IEST-RP-CC004.3, Sec. 8.1
Sorptive rate; (seconds)<1 
Non-volatile residue, NVRIEST-RP-CC004.3, Sec. 7.1.2
In deionized water; (g/m2)
In isopropanol; (g/m2)
Specific IonsIEST-RP-CC004.3, Sec. 7.2.2
Sodium; (ppm)
Chloride; (ppm)
Particles, readily releasableIEST-RP-CC004.2, Sec. 5.1
P ≥0.5µm; (x106/m2)
Fiber >100µm; (x103/m2)11IEST-RP-CC004.2, Sec. 5.2