CleanZorb Nonwoven

Ideal for applications where high sorbency and low extractables are important. Excellent for picking up aqueous spills. Suitable for cleaning precision components and apparatus. Fabricated from a polyester/woodpulp blend, this material combines the high sorbency of natural fibers with the cleanliness of synthetic fibers. Low particle counts, low extractable levels and solvent compatibility, this wiper is ideal for general wiping and spill control in controlled environments. Typically, suitable for class 10,000 use. In some cases, this wiper may be used in a class 100 environment. The information presented may be used as a guideline for a particular use or uses.

  • Nonwoven, spunlaced construction for excellent strength
  • Available in Heavyweight and Lightweight material
  • Compatible with most solvents
  • Can be gamma irradiated
  • Standard sizes from 4" x 4" to 18" x 18"
  • Custom Cuts and Rolled Goods Available
CT Cleanroom's CleanZorb Nonwoven Wipers
Style Grade Size Color Qty
CR Heavyweight
PCW White Lightweight



Heavyweight SizePackCase
4" x 4"120012 packs/case
6" x 6"30020 packs/case
6" x 6"60010 packs/case
7" x 7"30018 packs/case
9" x 9"15024 packs/case
9" x 9"30012 packs/case
12" x 12"7524 packs/case
12" x 12"15012 packs/case
18" x 18"1505 packs/case
Lightweight SizePackCase
7" x 7"30018 packs/case
9" x 9"30012 packs/case
12" x 12"15012 packs/case

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