Rubbermaid® HYGEN

Pulse™ Caddy

Clean more square feet in less time with the Rubbermaid Pulse™. Industry-best microfiber, on-board reservoir, and user-controlled release of solution mean cleaner floors faster, easier, and more effectively.

  • High-capacity Rubbermaid Pulse™ Caddy allows users to clean up to 10,000 sq ft - reducing the frequency of trips to the supply closet.
  • Designed to be securely transported in Rubbermaid Cleaning Carts for efficient on-the-go refill
Rubbermaid HYGEN Pulse Caddy
Style Description Size Pack Qty
Q966 Pulse Caddy N/A Each


  • Length: 14.1 in/35.9 cm
  • Width: 8.8 in/22.2 cm
  • Height: 10.8 in/27.3 cm
  • Capacity [Rubbermaid Pulse™ Microfiber Floor Cleaning System]: 2.0 gal/7.6 L
  • Carton Length: 14.1 in/35.9 cm
  • Carton Width: 8.8 in/22.2 cm
  • Carton Height: 10.8 in/27.3 cm