Comfort2Go always lives up to its name! It's easy on the knees when you kneel. And it's a long-lasting portable anti-fatigue mat...always there when you need it cause it's got a handle. When workers are on the go or moving about the workplace, Comfort2Go is the go-to choice among professionals.

  • Portable and versatile
  • Built in handle for ease of carrying and storing
  • Standing and kneeling support
  • Overall thickness 7/8"
Comfort2Go Mat
Style Description Size Pack Qty
518.78x17x30BK Black 17 in. x 30 in. Each


Flammability:MVSS 302/'A'; Rating
Taber Abrasion:Federal Standard 191/1000g, CS-17 wheel
Temperature Range:0 to 100°F
Coefficient of Friction:ASTM F1677/Dry: COF=.68/Wet: COF=.17
Compression Deflection:ASTM D395-98/20%
Tear Strength:Not Available
ESD Rating:Not Available
Dielectric Strength:Not Available