Electrically Conductive, Diamond-Plate

Electrically Conductive Runner is the ideal floor runner for areas where static prevention is a priority. Can be rolled out for long aisle ways or cut to size for specific workstations. Use Electrically Conductive Runner to protect sensitive equipment or eliminate static annoyance. A grounding snap is included on each mat, and grounding is highly recommended for optimum mat performance. Also recommended: workers should wear heel grounders or shoes with conductive soles for max effectiveness.

  • Treated surface drains static electricity from personnel
  • Available in Smooth or Diamond-Plate surface pattern
  • Overall thickness, Smooth 3/32" or Diamond-Plate 5/32"
  • Grounding snap is attached to the corner of each mat (NOTE: Mat must be grounded with a ground cord; workers must wear Heel Grounder or shoes with conductive soles)
Electrically Conductive, Diamond-Plate Mat
Style Description Size Pack Qty
785.532x3CUTDPBK Electrically Conductive, Diamond Plate, Black 3 ft. Cut up to 75 ft. Sq. Ft.
785.532x3x75DPBK Electrically Conductive, Diamond Plate, Black 3 ft. x 75 ft. Roll
793.HG Heel Grounder, Black N/A Each
793.15Cord 15 ft. Cord, Black 15 ft. Each


Flammability:MVSS 302/'A'; Rating
Taber Abrasion:Federal Standard 191
Temperature Range:Not Available
Coefficient of Friction:ASTM F1677/Dry: COF=.68/Wet: COF=.17
Compression Deflection:Not Available
Tear Strength:Not Available
ESD Rating:EOS/ESD S7.1:x10^3-1x10^6 ohm
Dielectric Strength:Not Available