ESD Work Surface Material

ESD Work Surface Material is a top level performer for work surfaces where static control is an imperative. It features a flexible 3-layer construction--in a subtle sky blue color--that makes it ideal for use under computers, as a liner for conductive bins, or for tabletops where components are packaged. The surface material is non-glare, slightly textured, and heat resistant to 280 degrees. ESD Work Surface is best used with Wearwell's #793 6' ESD Wrist Strap and #797 Common Point Ground Cord.

  • Flexible 3-layer construction
  • Overall thickness 1/8"
  • Color - Sky Blue
ESD Work Surface Mat
Style Description Size Pack Qty
793.18x2CUTSB ESD Work Surface 2 ft. Cut up to 100 ft. Sq. Ft.
793.18x2x3SB ESD Work Surface 2 ft. x 3 ft. Each
793.18x2x4SB ESD Work Surface 2 ft. x 4 ft. Each
793.18x3CUTSB ESD Work Surface 3 ft. Cut up to 100 ft. Sq. Ft.


Flammability:Not Available
Taber Abrasion:Not Available
Temperature Range:Not Available
Coefficient of Friction:Not Available
Compression Deflection:Not Available
Tear Strength:Not Available
ESD Rating:EOS/ESD S7.1:RTT=x10^6-1 to 10^10
Dielectric Strength:Not Available