Go. Kneel. Lie down. ROVER is the most unique breed of kneeling mat ever! Yes, it's super soft and durable as a kneeling pad. But this old dog has another quickly converts to a roll for head and neck support. You can also combine 2 ROVERS for dual head and upper back support. Brilliant! ROVER features a unique nitrile-enhanced sponge that is non-conductive, petroleum resistant, and silicone free. PATENT NO. D 673,405

  • 1 product, 3 uses
  • The only convertible kneel mat!
  • Unique Nitrile rubber enhanced sponge is petroleum resistant, silicone-free and outperforms traditional PVC sponge mats
  • Overall thickness 3/4"
Style Description Size Pack Qty
514.1x8x16BK ROVER 8 in. x 16 in. Each
514.1x8x16BK-CS5 ROVER 8 in. x 16 in. 5/Case
514.1x12x22BK ROVER 12 in. x 22 in. Each
514.1x12x22BK-CS5 ROVER 12 in. x 22 in. 5/Case
515.34x14x21BK ROVER 14 in. x 21 in. Each
515.34x14x21BK-CS5 ROVER 14 in. x 21 in. 5/Case


Flammability:MVSS 302/'A'; Rating, 0 Burn Rate
Taber Abrasion:Not Available
Temperature Range:-20 to 200°F
Coefficient of Friction:Not Available
Compression Deflection:ASTM D 1056/25%
Tear Strength:Not Available
ESD Rating:Not Available
Dielectric Strength:Not Available