Tile Top AM SpongeCote UltraSoft

UltraSoft Tile-Top AM doubles down on combating fatigue even while providing a top to bottom anti-microbial solution. The Green color in the Nitricell sponge differentiates from standard products that do not have anti-microbial properties. Twice as thick, it absorbs repeated compression and bounces back to its original form better than any PVC sponge alternative. The top surface is sealed with a tough anti-microbial scrim. Tile-Top AM provides support for teams in labs, pharmacies, biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

  • UltraSoft Tile-Top AM
  • Anti-Microbial "Best" Sponge
  • Tough but attractive abrasion and chemical resistant PVC surface
  • Machine cut and beveled edges prevent tripping
  • The ONLY fully customizable Tile-Top matting product available
  • Overall thickness 7/8"
Tile Top AM Mat
Style Color Size Pack Qty
419.78x2x3AM 2 ft. x 3 ft. Each
419.78x3x5AM 3 ft. x 5 ft. Each
419.78x2CUTAM 2 ft. Cut up to 60 ft. Sq. Ft.
419.78x2x60AM 2 ft. x 60 ft. Roll
419.78x3CUTAM 3 ft. Cut up to 60 ft. Sq. Ft.
419.78x3x10AM 3 ft. x 10 ft. Each
419.78x3x60AM 3 ft. x 60 ft. Roll
419.78x4CUTAM 4 ft. Cut up to 60 ft. Sq. Ft.
419.78x4x60AM Charcoal 4 ft. x 60 ft. Roll


Flammability:MVSS 302/'A'; Rating, 0 Burn Rate
Taber Abrasion:Federal Standard 191/1000g, CS-17 wheel
Temperature Range:0 to 110°F
Coefficient of Friction:ASTM F1677/Dry:COF=.78
Compression Deflection:ASTM D395-98/20%
Tear Strength:Not Available
ESD Rating:Not Available
Dielectric Strength:Not Available