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Industrial Dry Vacuum Cleaner

The DV-M2 uses 21.53 square feet of filter material that is pulled and pleated into pockets, drastically increasing the surface area of the filter and providing maximum filtration of fine particles. It’s perfect for manufacturing, powder coating and many other industrial applications. Best of all, this new addition to our industrial vacuum line is available at a price that offers you as much value as it does performance.

  • Two heavy-duty motors
  • Detachable roll-out collection tank
  • External filter shaker
  • Reusable 3 micron pocket filter
  • Uses 1 1/2 in, 2 in or 3 in hoses

DA-KIT-D 2" Dry Accessory Kit includes:

  • VAC-003 Vinyl Crush Proof Hose 10' with VAC-053-2 Hose Cuff
  • DA-RD2 Hose Adapter for connecting DV Vacuums to 2" hoses
  • DA-BW-2 Single Bend Wand 50"
  • DA-FT-2B Floor Tool 21"
  • VAC-029 Bulk Pickup Nozzle 18"
  • VAC-049 Steel Crevice Tool 24"
Industrial Vacuum Cleaner
Style Description Size Pack Qty
DV-M2 Industrial Vacuum Cleaner N/A Each
DA-PF-16 Polyester Pocket Filter 3 microns Each
DA-HF HEPA Filter w/Bottom Cap 3 microns Each
DA-PF-16A Anti-Static Pocket Filter 1 micron Each
DA-KIT-D Accessory Kit N/A Each


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