Waste Receptacles

12 Gallon Square Defender® Step Can

The Defenders® medical step cans comply with OSHA standards on bloodborne pathogens for the safe containment of infectious waste. Meets Federal OBRA regulations.

  • 12" sq x 23" H
  • Complies with the OSHA Standards
  • Foot pedal for hands-free operation Retainer bands to hold poly bag securely in place
  • Piano hinge lid has restraining mechanism to prevent lid from traveling backwards
  • UL Listed, FM Approved, California State Fire Marshal Listed
  • Foot pedal for hands-free operation
Defender Square Step Can
Style Description Size Pack Qty
FGST12ERBRD Red 12 Gallon Each
FGST12SSRB Stainless Steel 12 Gallon Each
ST12ERBWH White 12 Gallon Each


FGST12EPLWHWhite23"/58.4 cm12"/30.5 cm12"/30.5 cm12 Gal./45.4L
FGST12EPLRDRed23"/58.4 cm12"/30.5 cm12"/30.5 cm12 Gal./45.4L
FGST12SSPLStainless23"/58.4 cm12"/30.5 cm12"/30.5 cm12 Gal./45.4L
FGST12ERBWHWhite23"/58.4 cm12"/30.5 cm12"/30.5 cm12 Gal./45.4L
FGST12ERBRDRed23"/58.4 cm12"/30.5 cm12"/30.5 cm12 Gal./45.4L
FGST12SSRBStainless23"/58.4 cm12"/30.5 cm12"/30.5 cm12 Gal./45.4L
FGST24EPLWHWhite30"/76.2 cm15"/38.1 cm15"/38.1 cm24 Gal./90.8L
FGST24EPLRDRed30"/76.2 cm15"/38.1 cm15"/38.1 cm24 Gal./90.8L
FGST24ESSPLStainless30"/76.2 cm15"/38.1 cm15"/38.1 cm24 Gal./90.8L
FGST24ERBWHWhite30"/76.2 cm15"/38.1 cm15"/38.1 cm24 Gal./90.8L
FGST24ERBRDRed30"/76.2 cm15"/38.1 cm15"/38.1 cm24 Gal./90.8L
FGST24ESSRBStainless30"/76.2 cm15"/38.1 cm15"/38.1 cm24 Gal./90.8L
FGST40EPLWHWhite30"/76.2 cm19"/48.3 cm19"/48.3 cm40 Gal./151.4L
FGST40EPLRDRed30"/76.2 cm19"/48.3 cm19"/48.3 cm40 Gal./151.4L
FGST40SSPLStainless30"/76.2 cm19"/48.3 cm19"/48.3 cm40 Gal./151.4L
FGST40ERBWHWhite30"/76.2 cm19"/48.3 cm19"/48.3 cm40 Gal./151.4L
FGST40ERBRDRed30"/76.2 cm19"/48.3 cm19"/48.3 cm40 Gal./151.4L
FGST40SSRBStainless30"/76.2 cm19"/48.3 cm19"/48.3 cm40 Gal./151.4L