Strongest, highest performance reusable cloth-like towels.

  • Heavy-duty for the most demanding tasks
  • Top of the line rag & shop towel replacement
  • Highly absorbent and wipes surfaces dry
  • Virtually lint-free
  • Chemically pure
  • Solvent resistant
Style Description Size Pack Qty
93141 Heavy Duty White creped Spunlace 10.5 in. x 15 in. 200 ct roll/tote box
93140 Heavy Duty White creped Spunlace 12 in. x 12 in. 500 ct Jumbo Roll
40404 Heavy Duty metal floor stand for rolls N/A Each


Pro-Towel® XTRA

PropertiesUnitsTypical ValueTest Method
Basis Weight0z/yd23.76ASTM D6242
MD Tensile Drylbf39.43ASTM D5035
MD Tensile Wetlbf32.41ASTM D5035
CD Tensile Drylbf17.08ASTM D5035
CD Tensile Wetlbf16.0ASTM Dt035
Absorbent Capacity%386%ASTM D824
Thicknessinches0.022ASTM D645

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