Purewipe® White

  • 100% Cotton Knit/Woven Wiper
  • Available in 10, 25, or 50 pound boxes
Purewipe White Wiper
Style Description Size Pack Qty
999240 Purewipe® White Wiper 15 in. x 15 in. 25 lb/case


American Fiber & Finishing Purewipe® Branded Products

Purewipe® Wiping Products are engineered lab tested wiping products designed for critical wiping applications. Every Purewipe® product is regularly lab-tested internally and by third parties to ensure the products consistently conform to the required specifications. The Purewipe® meet or exceed standards developed jointly by AF&F and Aerospace Industry Engineers. Purewipe® Low Lint Cotton wipers and Non Woven Wipers are Silicone and Static Free, meet AMS/BMS, and available in various putups and different grades, in gauze and cheesecloth form, bolts, small package, or rolls. We have a product that will do an excellent cost effective job on any critical wiping application. We have standard putups, but are glad to work with you to develop a customized putup that best works for your application - saving money and increasing efficiency.