Connecticut Clean Room Corporation

Cleanroom and Industrial Wipers

This month we are focusing on something that Connecticut Clean Room has been manufacturing for over 30 years, wipers. They are an essential part of many rooms whether we are looking at critical environments or an industrial setting.  Our blog will focus on 3 types of wipers and places they are used, the three types we will discuss are non-woven, cleanroom, and industrial.  We will start with what we manufacture, Non-woven.

Cleanzorb Non-Woven Wipers

Non-woven wipers are made from a blend of materials and they produce varying levels of lint based on those materials.  This makes them very versatile and a popular choice for anyone looking for a wiper.  Our Cleanzorb Non-Woven Wiper is a blend of polyester and wood pulp and it offers excellent absorbency with low particle counts and they are used in cleanrooms rated ISO 7 or higher.  Another option is the Foamzorb™ wiper.  They are designed for solvent or solution application and are ideally suited for lithographic screen cleaning.  They are excellent for reduction of vibration under sensitive products.  For more critical environments we suggest you look at wipers designed for cleanrooms.

Heavyweight Cleanzorb Wipers

Cleanroom wipers are made from more synthetic materials which limit the amount or particles created and residue left behind.  They can also be sterilized if that is required for your environment. It is important to look at how the wiper is created to make sure you are getting the correct product.  There are knife cut edges and heat sealed.  The knife cut edges are created with a blade as suggested and they are a more economical option.  The issue is that they do not offer the best particle retention, a problem solved by heat sealed edges.  Heat Sealed edges are created by laser cutting and they offer great particle retention.  They are used in the most critical situations that require precision.    Our top choices in this area are the Polynit Heatseal and the Anticon 100 knife edge .  The last category will be industrial wipers.

Economical Janitorial & Industrial Wipers

Industrial wipers can also be called janitorial, they are economical all-purpose wipers.  This gives them a variety of uses and a variety of materials.  They Keep work environments, kitchens, restrooms, patient exam rooms, more sanitized and fresh.  By choosing to use wipers instead of the traditional towels companies have saved time, money and improved cleanliness.  The Rymplecloth 301 Purified Wiping Cloth and Champion Select All Purpose Wipes are just two of the many options we can provide in this category.

Whether you are looking for a wiper to clean up spills or you need something with a bit more precision we have a wiper that will fit your needs.  Be sure to reach out to us at [email protected] for more information on any of these wipers or to get some samples.